On the technical side 11-15-2011
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On the technical side 11-15-2011

“I don’t have anything to hide….”

I hear this comment all the time when I set up a client’s network or computer. “Maybe you don’t have anything to hide but you do have something to PROTECT.”

You may think that you don’t have anything to hide but you do have to protect your resources. Do you leave your doors unlocked? Would you walk down the street with your cash openly displayed? Of course not!


It is very convenient to have a wireless network in your home. A wireless network and laptop will allow you to surf the Internet from any location in and around your home. Most people go to the computer retailer, purchase a wireless router, and connect it. Did they forget to secure their network? An unsecured network is an invitation for freeloaders. The problem with freeloaders is that YOU are responsible for their actions.

One retired government agent was surprised when law enforcement raided his condo armed with a search warrant for child pornography. An investigation determined that a freeloader had connected to his wireless network and downloaded inappropriate material.  The freeloader was located in a boat a few hundred feet from the accused.

Other people and businesses with unsecured wireless networks have been accused and fined for downloading copyrighted material. An unsecured network is like placing your cell phone on the curb. Don’t you think that anyone would use “free” phone service?

Many clients have been surprised by guest use of their computers. A computer that was running fine is suddenly infected by viruses after the family or neighborhood computer “genius” visited their home. It is amazing how daring people become with other people’s computers.

Businesses are especially vulnerable to nonsense. “The computer has a virus scanner... The virus scanner will block ALL dangers…” Don’t believe that one!

No one likes to think about computer security but the issue can be easily resolved by securing your wireless network and restricting physical access to your computer.



Android, iPhone or Windows phone?

Are you an Android, iPhone, or Windows phone fan? Which phone do you prefer?

Your decision was probably determined by not only the phone but also the service provider features.

At this moment, the race is between Android and iPhone but there are some Windows phones in the works. Maybe we will have some new phones to choose from in this holiday season.

iPhones are limited by the number of applications at Apple. Apple has been accused of too particular about programs that it endorses. Android users have been surprised by virus infected programs from the Google download site. You need to check the source of any programs that you load on your phone.

May the best phone win the race.


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