12-12-2005 email problems
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12-12-2005 email problems

12-12-2005 email problems

Recently, you might have noticed that you were not able to send email to a hotmail or MSN addresses if you had a Comcast account. You were able to receive email from hotmail or MSN accounts but you weren't able to send email to hotmail or MSN accounts. Was there something wrong with your computer?

This situation was pretty interesting. If you checked the Internet for any news about the problem, you probably discovered a lot of conflicting postings about the problem. One posting stated that it was Comcast's fault while another stated that it was hotmail and MSN's problem. What was the real story? The Internet is a great way to share information but there are a lot of "experts" posting opinions who had no idea about what they were posting. When you search for information on the Internet, you always need to check information before you assume that something you read is a fact. An Associated Press news story last Friday confirmed that there was a problem. The story quoted Brooke Richardson, a group product manager with Microsoft's MSN online division, "Our hope is that things get better in the coming day or days, but we don't have exact details." Well at least now you know that it is a problem with MSN and hotmail. You don't have to do anything to fix your computer but how do you get email to your hotmail and MSN friends? Here's a simple work around. Set up another email account at one of the free email services like hotmail or yahoo. A work around doesn't directly correct the problem but it allows you to bypass the problem. The MSN and hotmail email problem has been corrected but this situation has made it clear that email is an important way to communicate. While email is pretty reliable, it isn't foolproof. It is always a good idea to have an alternative way to get important email out if there is a problem with one email provider. When you send email, it is sent to a mail server. The mail server is just like the post office. It sends your email on a journey through a network of different computers until it arrives on the email recipient's mail server. The email is delivered when the recipient's computer downloads the email message. If one of the computers in the email's path fails, the email could be lost. Email is an important part of most people's lives. It is as common as a phone call for personal and business communications. All you need is a computer and a connection to the Internet to start enjoying the benefits of email.


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