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One the technical side 12-23-2014

Have you finished all of your holiday shopping?

Are you looking for the perfect computer for you or someone else? What is the best computer if money is no object? The price that you pay doesn’t determine the quality of a computer. There are many low cost, high quality computers available on the market. You have to do your homework to find the best purchase for you.

There is not just one perfect computer for everyone. Consider all the different types of computers. Each has a certain purpose and target market. You might even consider smart phones in your search. The current smart phone is able to satisfy many people’s computing requirements.

The most important thing to consider is your budget. You need money to buy the computer. You might want to set a range, not a specific dollar amount. It never fails, budgets always have cost over runs. The government can increase taxes for a seemingly endless supply of funds but taxpayers don’t have that luxury. Live within your means. You shouldn’t have to mortgage yourself to the hilt for a new computer.

Is the computer going to be portable? Where do you plan to use it? Do you need to refer to information continuously during working hours? Do you need Windows for any special programs? Do you need a big screen?  Will you be referring to information continuously during the day? Will a laptop, tablet or smart cell phone do the job?

Create a list of your requirements. You don’t have to buy a system with an expanded graphics capability if you aren’t going to doing any fancy graphic programs. Fancy gamer systems are usually overkill for the average computer user. Any computer will usually allow you to browse the Internet and get your email.

“Look under the hood.” Don’t buy a pretty box. You would be amazed how many expensive looking computers have a fancy box but the components are not up to par. You don’t have to be a computer genius to realize that an slower or older processor will not be a speed demon. A small amount of memory is not going to help your computer run very well.

Check reviews for the computer that you are considering. Fancy marketing campaigns aren’t what make your computer run efficiently. You can also find reviews for the manufacturer. Take advantage of all the information available.

If you don’t know a bit from a byte, you should consider asking for help from a friend. While it won’t be a complete surprise, you might also consider asking the person that you want to surprise with a new computer for help choosing their computer.  Don’t rush your decision, take the time to make the best purchase possible.


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