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On the technical side 12-09-2014


Do you recall the "Silk Road" from your geography/history classes? The term referred to trade routes taken by traders between Europe and the far east for hundreds of years.

The term "Silk Road" today refers to an underground network that supposedly allows untraceable trades of all kinds of "merchandise".

If you believe that you can make a transaction and remain anonymous, this is the place for you. Don't get too comfortable with the idea that you will be able to make purchases and remain anonymous. The NSA, CIA, FBI, and who knows what other law enforcement agency probably has some detailed knowledge about transactions on the Silk Road.

One can use the excuse of privacy for justifying the Silk Road but illegal drug transactions have become a common reason for using the Silk Road. It might not be true that “I don’t have anything to hide…”. Do you really want anyone to know your purchasing habits? You might not be buying illegal drugs but a purchase on Silk Road could raise some suspicions.

Silk Road was started in 2011 but was shutdown in 2013 by the FBI. The founder, Ross William Ulbricht is facing some pretty serious charges related to his Silk Road activities. It was started up again but has since been shut down again. Ulbricht, alias Dread Pirate Roberts was arrested while allegedly managing the Silk Road network from his laptop at a library with wireless access last year. His assets have been seized and are being auctioned by the US Marshals. His assistants have been arrested and charged with resuming operations for Silk Road version 2.0.

All the effort to keep illegal activities secret is not time well spent. It might make more sense to apply some effort to doing things legitimately. Ulbricht is also charged with hiring an undercover law enforcement posing as a hitman to kill a Silk Road assistant to prevent him from testifying at an upcoming trial. Ulbricht was quoted that he wanted to do something that mattered to mankind. His legacy as of this date has not been favorable. Imagine all the misery that has been derived from the Silk Road.

Computer skullduggery has become a common household news item. Identity theft, international spying, money laundering, and all kinds of sensational crimes are being carried out with the help of computers. Countries regularly penetrate each other’s firewalls to snoop on military and civilian targets.

There have been enough warnings about computer intrusions and failures. Everyone needs to get serious about security. Would you leave your tax records in a public place for everyone to examine? Your computer and cell phone hold all kinds of secrets that a thief could exploit. Think about keeping your digital self secure.


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