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On the technical side 12-02-2014

Computer holiday shopping season

The holidays bring out some traits in people that really don’t reflect the holiday season.

Did you find any great deals on Black Friday? Did you take advantage of Cyber Monday deals? Are you waiting for the right price for a gift? Is it worth waiting in line at retailers to fight with other shoppers over a holiday gift? I don’t think so…

Cyber Monday isn’t necessarily only a Monday deal. You should be able to find all kinds of deals on the Internet but make sure that it is a REAL deal. Have you ever noticed merchandisers hawking about “great” prices but a little research reveals that “great” isn’t so great? You can be sure that scammers are going to be working at full speed during the holiday season too!

The “Microsoft calling” scam has gone full circle. If you receive a phone call from “Microsoft technical services” or any other vague official sounding caller, JUST HANG UP. Don’t waste your time on the phone unless you enjoy teasing an overeager salesman. Many elderly victims have been hood winked into letting the scammers have access to their computers.

Have you been offered  miracle cures in email? One “deal” that I particularly find insulting is the miracle cure for Alzheimer’s syndrome. Many elderly have suffered with this horrible disease. Do you really believe that doctors are holding back a cure? Desperate victims will try anything to resolve horrible illnesses. Money motivates unsavory characters into offering snake oil cures .

If you are considering any online transactions, check out the vendor of the product or service. It is pretty easy to find feedback of satisfied customers online. One bad review doesn’t give you a complete picture of a business’s reputation but multiple bad reviews will show a pattern.

Don’t pay for an item with money orders or debit cards. Banks and financial institutions are not motivated to defend you in the case of a deal gone bad. A credit card will offer you the best protection. If you have a problem with the vendor, you can get the credit card company involved. The credit card company is motivated by law to defend you.

Consider if you need a warranty when you buy an expensive product but check the fine print before you commit to an expensive warranty. If you are the type that drops things, you might consider a warranty. Does the warranty protect against physical damage?

Don’t allow someone to push you into a once in a lifetime opportunity. You might discover that those great deals are mediocre at best. Do your homework before you make an expensive purchase. Will that product do what you expect?


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