On the technical side 11-18-2014
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On the technical side 11-18-2014

You are just an average person with a cell phone and wifi computer. You don’t have anything to hide, do you? Are you under surveillance? What is all the fuss about government spying?

Our founding fathers were extremely conscious of government intervention into privacy. The government seems to be more concerned with the results of the game rather than how the game is played. Would you give up your privacy rights if it prevented another 911?

We are on a very slippery slope. What is accepted government intrusion into private lives? In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have any concern about the government or law enforcement intruding in private affairs.

A few years ago, a woman was murdered on Cape Cod. The local police decided to request that men submit their DNA to eliminate them from being a suspect. It has been demonstrated that testing labs don’t follow procedures. What if your DNA was inadvertently contaminated with another criminal case samples? DNA may not be the perfect factor to tip the scales of justice to the correct answer.

Everyone with a laptop has been using wifi to allow them the freedom from cables. Is your wifi locked down? What could happen if your wifi was left unsecured? You could be accused of downloading inappropriate material. You could be prosecuted or billed large fees by the owners of copyrighted material.

Did you know that there are fake cell towers that are being used by the government to track cell phone activity? The average person is not the target of this spy attempt but it is a side effect of the cell snoop. These fake cell towers seem to be located near military installations or large cities.

Maybe the government spying on you isn’t a major concern but “unfriendlies” can also use the same tools to gain information. An unfriendly could be a hacker, terrorist, or thief.  The government has been portrayed the major threat but unfriendlies may be using those same tools.

Do you have a surveillance camera to watch your property? Is there a password to access that video stream? Did you know that there is a Russian website http://www.insecam.cc that has listed unsecured video streams available for viewing? Anyone is able to log into the site and view video from all over the world.

The owners of the surveillance cameras did not take the time to create a new password when the camera was installed. Did you install a camera to watch your child? Would you like a stranger watching you or your children?

You should be concerned that technology can be misused by the government and criminals. Before you adopt new technology, READ THE DIRECTIONS and consider the details. “The devil is in the details.”


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